1:1 Empowered Healing Coaching

8-week programme

This 8-week coaching programme is for you if: 

you’re sick and tired of letting your daily emotional, physical and/or mental pains

get in the way of you enjoying your life and experiencing it to the fullest!

Now, you too can get the direction you need

in the comfort of your own space!

This programme is perfect for you if you experience 2 or more of the symptoms below

  • Chronic physical pains: headaches, PMS, indigestion, bloating, back/neck/shoulder pain.
  • You feel emotionally drained, anxious, restless, and overwhelmed.
  • You suffer from chronic fatigue, burnout, or a weak immune system.


How is this different to the 2-week coaching programme:

  • You get 5 coaching calls, 1 call every fortnight.
  • You get a total of 4 healing protocols. A new one on every call.
  • You will work on multiple health issues and see a greater transformation and improvement in many symptoms.
  • Bonus: you get FREE access to my 12-Day Total Energy Reset mini-course
I’m in!

So you’ve tried changing your diet, meditating, and exercising but haven’t seen a consistent change in your symptoms.

You now realise you need a strategic protocol, one that takes care of you as a whole, your physical, mental and emotional worlds if you’re ever going to get rid of these debilitating chronic symptoms.

Then this is the programme is for you; but only if you are READY to make simple but powerful changes in your day to finally see the positive results you’ve been wishing for in your overall well-being.

LESS pain | LESS stress
IMPROVED mood | MORE energy and vitality.
No medication, no gadgets, no equipment.

I aim to make the healing process SIMPLE, EASY, and transformational.
The only thing I ask of you is CONSISTENCY, and I’ll be there to guide and support you every step of the way.

Are you ready?

Yes I’m ready!

Here’s what you get with my bespoke 1:1 Empowered Healing Coaching,
8 weeks of 1:1 online coaching

-> Once you’ve booked your first call, you also fill in the lifestyle questionnaire and create your Voxer account so we can get chatting.
We’ll pinpoint your most acute pain and I’ll create your first set of routines.
You’ll be able to access these, BEFORE our first coaching call.

-> Call no.1: We go in-depth about;
WHAT you 're struggling with.
HOW you want your life to look 8 weeks from now.
How much time you have throughout the day to practice your routines.
That’s how we create your bespoke healing protocol, TOGETHER.
You’ll follow this protocol for the next 14 day

-> Calls no.2 & 3
We assess the past 14 days, keep what’s working for you and you enjoy, add new exercises in
to serve you for the next 14 days.

-> Call no. 4
This is our final call after 8 weeks of working together.
We look at your progress and transformation. We discuss what your final healing protocol
will look like.

Remember that you have lifetime access to all the routines and syllabus, so although our coaching
ends here, your healing journey doesn’t.

You now have the tools, and knowledge to use on a daily basis, to both ease and prevent emotional,
physical and mental pains and aches.

You also get Voxer access to me Monday-Friday. That’s right, I’ll be there when you need me
to guide you along your journey.

Coaching syllabus includes:
- Lifestyle advice according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.
- Some TCM theory to understand how physical, emotional and mental issues arise
and how we can prevent them.
- A set of short videos; a custom-made healing protocol based on the specific issues
you want to address at this time.
- Videos include: acupressure points; Shiatsu; Qigong and Breathwork exercises, and Essential oils.

Access to my mini-course: The 12-Day Total Energy Reset


The investment for the 8-week private coaching is 500 euros.
A payment plan for 2 installments of 250 euros is also available.

Buy at once
I want the 2 installments