1:1 Empowered Healing Coaching

2-week programme

The 1:1 Empowered Healing 2-week coaching programme is for you if you:

  • have some chronic pains, digestive issues, headaches, PMS, indigestion, and bloating.
  • are emotionally drained, overwhelmed, anxious
  • suffer from chronic fatigue, burnout, and weak immune system.

You’ve tried to heal, following other protocols but haven’t had much success, and now you’re ready to try something new.

I understand. Let me tell you this:
If you are READY to make simple yet powerful changes in your everyday life then you will see improvement in your quality of life.
Less daily aches and pains
Less stress and anxiety
More energy
Improved mood

I’m in!

How does this work?

Once you book your 15-minute consultation call, you will also fill in my detailed questionnaire
about your lifestyle, pains, sleeping, eating habits etc.

After studying your answers I’ll create a custom-made healing protocol, that fits your busy schedule.
These routines will target your specific pain point.
My aim is to make this process effortless, and easy, yet life-changing.


How can this be done in 2 weeks?

Your bespoke Empowered Healing Routine and the lifestyle advice I give you are yours to keep.
You have lifetime access, so even though the coaching lasts 2 weeks, your new skills and tools will
last a lifetime.

Here’s how my bespoke 1:1 Empowered Healing Coaching works

  • Once you book your first coaching call, you’ll fill out the lifestyle questionnaire. I’ll use these answers to create your bespoke healing routines. These routines will be uploaded on my website in a file under your name. You should go through them, before our first coaching call.
  • Coaching call no.1 (30 min) where we discuss your questionnaire replies and I go through the allocated routines with you. We set a transformation goal on this coaching call.
  • You start implementing this healing protocol after our call.
  • Coaching call no.2 (45 min) at the end of the 2 weeks to assess your progress, discuss your thoughts, look at the transformation and what action you should continue to take.
Let's go!

Coaching syllabus includes:

  • lifestyle advice according to Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • a set of short videos; a healing protocol based on the main pain problem you want help
    with at this point in time. What do these videos include
  • Acupressure points; Shiatsu; Qigong and Breathwork exercises.


The investment for the 2-week private coaching is 150 euros.

Let the healing journey begin