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The 12-Day Total Energy Reset mini-course

12 routines ---10minutes each --- Using not 1 but 3 different ancient healing practices
Shiatsu, Qigong, Breathwork.

What you’ll learn along the way

  • The Chinese Body Clock
    Each of our organs has a 2hr period throughout the day where it peaks energetically.
    Once you have this knowledge, you’ll know what time to work on each organ to Improve its physical function and release the emotions associated with it.
  • The 12 Meridians, are our energetic pathways. Blockages along these pathways cause pain, if not addressed this can lead to disease in the long term.
  • A Qigong practice that corresponds to each organ
  • A Shiatsu massage that corresponds to each organ
  • The healing sounds of some organs.

The relationship between our emotions and our organs. So that when you feel Angry, Frustrated, Scared, Worried, or Anxious, you’ll know which exercises you need to do, to let go of these burdens and get on with your day.

And many more…..I’ll walk you through all of this during our 10-minute routine.
Plus, give you just a bit of theory separately, for those of you who are interested in diving into TCM a bit deeper.


What People Are Saying:

I'm still smiling at myself as I'm writing this comment. I began smiling during the Pebble in the pond exercise where you say, you are important, you make a difference. Can't stop smiling. Thank you.

Leia L.

I woke up today in a mood. Seriously thought of not starting the Energy Reset. I'm glad I did. My eyes feel wide open, ready to start my challenging day. I feel a deep sense of contentment and keep smiling to myself. My brain is wide awake and I'm definitely in a better mood than when I began. Looks like this is going to be a great ride!

Donna L.

The 4 thumps and knocking on the door of life have now become a daily habit. I actually look forward to doing them. I did my routine after work and finished my day completely relaxed!

Dim. K